Hi, my name is Alison Canetty and I'm the founder of Kidz Cookin It Up!

I'm a busy mom to three amazing kids and have a passion for healthy cooking. My journey began years ago when my oldest daughter, then only six, was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. A major part of her healing would have to do with diet so I began preparing simple, healthy, delicious meals that would make her taste buds and her tummy both very happy. As she healed the most amazing thing happened, the more she saw me cook the more she enjoyed being in the kitchen! She loved cooking her own culinary creations and took such pride in every meal she made, once a picky eater this kid tried everything. Needless to say, I was instantly inspired to help teach other kids that cooking can be fun, delicious and nutritious.

I've seen first hand how cooking can help a child become more confidant, creative and STEM proficient (hello math and science!) all while giving them the skills to make lifelong, healthy food choices. I look forward to sharing all this and more with your little chef in our fun, safe, cooktastic atmosphere.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about Kidz Cookin It Up, happy cooking!

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School info 

Kidz Cookin It Up classes is offered to schools and children programs such as YMCA, Boys and Girls club, and Recreational Centers. We teach kids how to cook healthy alternative meals in a safe environment. We bring the kitchen to you, including an induction burner which is a safe  process and has no flames. All the equipment needed to have a fun educational experience with delicious foods will be provided. Each kid will have their own cooking kit to learn new and different ways to create their own entree and dessert. Also they will learn how to read measurements and recipes. At each concluding session every student will receive their own cook book that will have everything they have learned in their classes. Some selected classes will take a field trip to a professional kitchen. Looking forward to

Cookin It Up with you!

Owner and Head chef-

Alison Canetty